This page is a portfolio of my current and previous works and personal blogs and apps I have created. There are some inspirational, biblical and iconic quote from other people and Bible verses as well.

My works were not good nor bad all the time. They gain compliments and criticisms, they do fail like a crap – and been rebuild time and time again, or been successfully released with less failure. Neither achievements nor failure define a person – it is a matter of the heart.

May this page inspire people people to move forward no matter the circumstances. Be humbled down and always thankful – looking on positive side and learn from their mistakes. May the works of our hands and our hearts not brag on how good we are, because no one is better than the other. There is always someone out there who is much better.

In corporate world the competition is very high, they will always look on your works through portfolio – whether screen shots, links or a repository or any medium to evaluate your capability and competency. On one of my blog, I will share you my journey and how do I manage lacking of a portfolio to show.

Happy moving forward!